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The Problem for First Responders

Over 50,000 accidents involve Emergency Vehicles per year.  MakeWay Technologies has developed a hands-free mobile real-time audible alert and verbal notification that is heard in the car giving the driver time to take action to avoid collisions that can result in fatalities, injuries and property damage. Vehicles today are more soundproof and drivers have too many distractions.

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The MakeWay Solution 

Click on the MakeWay App above to see the MakeWay solution in action

MakeWay Safety offers a cloud based mobile platform to improve safety of First Responders, Department of Transportation (Motorist Assist, Work Zones, Mobile Work Operations, etc) and others working on our roadways by alerting drivers to approaching and stationary Emergency and Service Vehicles thus reducing fatal accidents, injuries and property damage from collisions.

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Mobile Hands-Free Alerts

Keeping the Driver’s attention on the road and focused on driving alerting them at times when there is an increased risk of an accident 

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Cloud Based   Safety Alerts

State of the art IOT (Internet of Things)  technology from the vehicle to vehicle via a Cloud platform using an IOT core


Secure Communication

Safety & Security are priorities for our First Responders and our platform 


Mobile Solutions

Connected Vehicles, Smartphones and Peripheral devices provide alerts in real-time across multiple vendor platforms

Server Installation

Mobility Services

Partnering with Leaders in the Mobility Industry to save lives and provide superior services to Our First Responders

Police Cars

Emergency Vehicle Alerts

In-vehicle hardware and software solutions that protect First Responders

Call us today to find out more about our range of quality services.

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MakeWay Safety's Solutions Portfolio

Hardware, Software and Cloud Based Virtual Alerting Solutions

MakeWay’s portfolio of  solutions Include in-vehicle hardware, software integration and custom features like virtual alerts for our First Responder, Department of Transportation and Public Safety partners.   Learn more about how our solutions can save lives by overcoming the challenges of distracted driving, soundproof cars, outdated siren technology and other factors putting First Responders, DOT & Public Safety personnel and the driving public at great risk.

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In-Vehicle Solutions for your Emergency Vehicle Fleet

IOT based custom hardware using GPS, GPIO and Mobility technologies

MakeWay Technologies platform consisting of hardware, software, cloud, mobility and IOT technologies provides real time hands-free emergency alerts to passenger vehicles

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MakeWay’s Emergency Vehicle Alert software solutions

Works across in-vehicle routers, connected car applications and smartphones

MakeWay’s Open Source solution is carrier and vendor neutral working seamlessly across mutiple platforms. Transmitter applications for smartphones available for qualified First Responders and Public Safety personnel to keep them safe on our roadways. A great application for Volunteer Firefighters, FEMA, Department of Transportation and others navigating traffic in an emergency

Programming Console

Virtual Emergency Alerts

Virtual Emergency Alerts for major traffic accidents, work zones, flooded roads and other emergency zones.

Technology used by First Responders (Fire, Police, EMS), Departments of Transportation, FEMA and other public safety organizations to alert drivers in real time to hazards and potentially saving lives to all involved in emergency situations.

Roadside Assistance

iOS and Android Mobile Apps

iOS and Android beta testing and field trials are underway in selected markets 

iOS and Android Mobile Apps, integrated software and API’s deliver the real-time alerts to ensure the driver's focus is on the road and safe driving.

Complete the contact form or email us for more information: if you are interested in learning more about our technology and to see if beta testing is available in your market.

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First Responders are at greater risk on our roadways and so are you without MakeWay

Emergency vehicle alerts make our roads safer and improve emergency response times

MakeWay Technologies provides a hands-free Emergency Vehicle  alert using an innovative mobile cloud based technology that will save lives.  Our services are designed around the specific needs of First Responders,  Public Safety employees and the communities they serve. Help First Responders get home safely, because the life you save may be yours.

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MakeWay Safety Use Cases

Public Safety and Private Sector

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First Responders

MakeWay’s Emergency Vehicle Alert solutions include in-vehicle hardware, software and IOT Cloud based solutions.


WorkZone Safety

MakeWay for workers on our roads. Work-zone’s are some of the most dangerous places on our roads for workers in those work zones and the vehicles passing through them. Includes DOT employee’s, road construction, utility workers and others working on our roads.


School Bus Safety

MakeWay for our Kids! Traditional methods are ignored by many drivers or are ineffective due to distracted driving, so we are delivering alerting technology that can  save the lives of our kids by alerting drivers to stop when the crossing arm is down.

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Emergency Evacuations and Hazards

Alerts and warnings for hazardous material spills, flooded roads, wildfires, natural disasters, civil unrest and other emergency situations.

Contact Us

Contact MakeWay Safety today to learn how mobile alerting solutions can save the lives of our First Responders, roadway workers, school children and the general public in emergency situations.

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